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Forever Missed Pet Crematorium in Medicine Hat is a compassionate and dedicated facility that provides individual cremation services for all pets. We understand the profound bond between pet owners and their beloved companions, and we strive to offer a respectful and personalized farewell for each pet.

Our individual cremation service ensures that each pet is cremated separately, guaranteeing the return of their ashes to the owner. We handle the entire process with utmost care and respect, ensuring that your pet's remains are treated with the dignity they deserve.

At Forever Missed Pet Crematorium, we recognize that pricing is an important consideration for pet owners. We offer competitive pricing for our individual cremation services, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. For detailed pricing information, we encourage you to give us a call, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

We are committed to providing a compassionate and professional environment for pet owners during their time of loss. Our aim is to support you in finding solace and closure as you say goodbye to your cherished pet.


At 4Ever Missed Pet Crematorium there are many options available. One such option is the transportation of the pet to the crematorium. All families have the choice of bringing in their beloved pet to our facility or we will pick up your pet from the Vet office or from your home. Cost may vary so will be discussed at need. Another option we offer families is the opportunity to say their goodbyes in private.

The cremation process does take time. At 4Ever Missed, most families are able to pick up the ashes in just a few days. We will discuss the time line with you at need.

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 403-528-2777 or 403-526-2214

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974 13 Street SW (By Appointment)




UNDER 15 LBS ~ $190.00 (not required to purchase an outer container)

16-30 LBS ~ $210.00 (not required to purchase an outer container)

31-60 LBS ~ $270.00 (outer container included)

61-80 LBS ~ $300.00 (outer container included)

81-150 LBS ~ $350.00 (outer container included)

150-200 LBS ~ $375.00 (outer container included)

OVER 200 LBS ~ Any animals over 200 lbs will be discussed at need.

Communal under 25 lbs ~ $50.00

Communal 26 - 50 lbs ~ $75.00

Communal 51 - 100 lbs ~ $100.00

No communal price over 100 lbs (charge as above)


Any pet over 30 lbs requires a cremation container. While the included container is made of plywood, different containers with different materials are available for an additional charge.

After hours drop off fee ~ $40.00

Transfer from hone/vet to 4Ever Missed (during business hours 8:00 a.m.  to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday) ~ $50.00

Transfer from home/vet to 4Ever Missed (after hours) ~ $75.00

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